Things to Consider When Choosing a Wood Floor

Together with the variety of woods, finishes and colors available now, choosing wood flooring can be overwhelming.
Homeowners assessing new flooring owe it to themselves to consider the advantages and beauty of wood. Wood floors are comfy, durable and amazingly affordable, and nothing quite compares to the character and warmth they bring to every room in the house.
While there’s a number of choices available, not every kind of wood flooring is acceptable for every application. If you’re shopping for a wood floor, here are a few things to remember.
There are primarily two types of wood flooring products–solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. Engineered wood flooring is made of solid wood logs and is combined with a conventional tongue and groove combined both long and short edges.

Solid wood can be found or unfinished, in strips and boards ranging in depth from 5/16 to 3/4 inches. Strips are just 1 1/2-inch- to 21/4-inches-wide and planks are 3 to 8 inches wide.
Engineered wood flooring is comprised of multiple layers of plywood and composite substance, and topped with a layer of solid hardwood. Engineered wood flooring comes in thicknesses ranging from? – to 3/4-inch from 3 to 10 inches wide; the hardwood layer on top ranges in thickness from.6 millimeters to 4 millimeters.
While both types provide the same beauty of genuine hardwood, the primary distinction between solid hardwood and engineered flooring is at the floor’s makeup. Since solid hardwood floors is subject to enlarge and contract relative to a home’s humidity it needs to be installed on the ground floor or above grade. Engineered flooring, which is more secure because of its multi-ply structure, can be installed on all levels of the home.
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Choosing a Stain Color for Your Hardwood Floors

Once you’ve Determined to have the Floor Specialists at West Sussex Floor Sanding install hardwood flooring in your house, following comes this tricky question: what colour do you choose for the blot? It’s normal to feel a little stress in making this choice, taking into consideration the investment and long-lasting character of hardwood floors. But with a few considerations, you are going to choose the ideal colour very quickly.

Matters to Think about

Your room/home’s design: Choose a blot shade that enhances your home’s decor. If your style is modern, a hot, red tone might not be the best choice. Similarly, traditional rustic decoration may not quite flow using a grayer colour. We can help you understand how distinct tones can complement or clash with your house’s style.

The sort of hardwood: Wood is a porous, live material. Depending on the wood’s grain and pore size, the stain may absorb otherwise. Throughout our very first onsite consultation in your house, we can advise you on the best stain for your flooring. We are going to present different blot samples in your flooring, not on samples, as your floors may react differently than the sample wood.

Maintenance levels: Lighter stains are easier to keep because scrapes, dents, dog hair, dirt, and dust don’t reveal up to now. These milder stains also show off the wood’s grain pattern. This may be great or not-so great, based on the number of imperfections in the wood. Darker stains will mask many imperfections on your wood, but may require you to clean the floors more often.

Your Hardwood Stain Experts
West Sussex Floor Sanding has helped thousands of your Indiana neighbors pick the perfect stain to their hardwood floors, and we can help you too! We would love to discuss your renovation or building project. Request a free quotation or give us a call today at 01403 290 139 .

Is white oak hardwood flooring pet friendly?

We can’t help but fall in love with this stunning broad plank white oak! I mean it’s literally everywhere, its plastering Pinterest, Instagram and pretty much every magazine that you select up. We can not help but concur, it truly is drool worthy… I mean, come on…

Occasionally these absolutely staged photographs don’t necessarily suit our lifestyles. We’ve all been through that dark and polished floor point and we’re seeing people run far far away from this look. Not because it is not amazing, but because it is really unmanageable. Pet dog and marks hair just take over! So we get it, the panic has set in and you aren’t quite certain you want to jump on board, again.

Well, we’ve got news for you! Our broad plank white pine is pet-friendly and in fact is one of the most recommended products. I’ve assembled some reasons why white pine is a great option for your fur babies.

For starters, it’s a beautiful rich open grain throughout the boards. Our specialization livesawn cut gives it a special look showcasing the natural beauty the white pine has to offer you. The grain helps to conceal any marking from your pet and generates visual attention allowing your pet nail marks to mix right in! The longboard spans also make visual continuity drawing your attention down the area, instead of focusing on one specific spot.

Secondly, our cable brushed complete is essential… hands down! This special finishing choice brings the soft fibers from these boards leaving you with a textured look and feel. Additionally, it gives an incredibly durable flooring. The textured feel helps to conceal your pets marking along with pet fur! It also absorbs some light due to the textured finish which reduces the visibility of your own pets tumbleweed fur drifting along with your living area. Admit it, you’ve all seen this.

Thirdly, it’s incredible character. It’s an assortment of unique knots randomly across the boards. It’s little checks randomly during developing a natural wood appearance, not something which is absolutely polished. This personality works in your favor since there’s so much happening, in your flooring. I adore the fact my furry friend running around can really add some personality to my own floor, instead of making a nightmare.

There are several fantastic neutrals trending at the moment. Make the most of this as they’re incredibly easy to control. Opt for something which may be readily transitioned through the years and matches your lifestyle along with your pets. If you’re stuck going with a darker spot, try one of those two-pass colors to receive your desired appearance. This involves staining the planks black, standing off it, and implementing your blot selection at the top. It generates a general darker look, highlights the grain and also adds a few rustic flair!

So, go on dog (and cat) fans do not be afraid to go ahead with our white oak flooring. We promise your pets will adore it as much as possible!


shutterstock_414948787The last thing you want to do is cope with hardwood floor water damage repair. However, your home or office is in emergencies. Whether you own a company ravaged by an unchecked leak, or you own a West Sussex Area condominium that sadly got drenched during a recent storm, this blog post will summarize what you have to do in order to repair damaged hardwood flooring.

Step #1: Dry the ground and keep it from getting wet again.
This is an obvious step, but many homeowners overlook it. You have to fix the water damage before you can reverse it. When water saturates a wooden plank, it can permanently alter the board’s shape. So use towels, dehumidifiers, or other”tricks” to find the boards as dry as you can. If the planks curl or cup, don’t necessarily freak out. When the planks dry, they might still revert to their original contour — at least get near.

Cupped flooring can be sanded down and refinished.

But a few water soaked flooring can go beyond cupping and really buckle. Technically speaking, buckling occurs when the wood breaks off from the subfloor.

As you still may be able to conserve a buckled flooring — or at least parts of the floor — you might have to have the floor ripped out and replaced completely. In addition, you might need to”dig deeper” into find/remove hidden sources of moisture or mold that can infect the subfloor and make rot and/or air quality problems down the line.

If your floor has been damaged, how can you know when to replace the floor… or try and save it?

Multiple factors need to be considered, including:

The extent of cupping or buckling;
the price of hardwood floor refinishing versus the cost of replacement;
Whether”doing nothing” could lead to environmental hazards, like the development of mold spores or the creation of an effortless habitat for pests such as termites;
The essence of the distance which you are working to repair (e.g. is that your living room or an out of how space down from the basement that no one ever actually visits?)
For help understanding best practices, get in touch with the professionals in Floor Sanding West Sussex. We can help you with cost-efficient and environmentally sound repair.


Trafficmaster-Flooring-With-Wood-TableHardwood flooring is widely popular with its stunning style and durability. There is nothing more attractive than improving the décor of your homes with plush wooden flooring. Hardwood flooring is a lot better than just having carpets and laminates. If your plan is to acquire the classic elegance of hardwood floors for your homes, here are some tips on keeping the look and shine of hardwood flooring.

  • Hardwood flooring is easy to maintain. All it requires is a little time and effort to keep it in great shape. Dirt, grime, moulds etc may damage your flooring, but cleaning it immediately will significantly lessen the risk of such occurrences.
  • Apart from mopping, sweeping and vacuuming you can even use wax to polish the hardwood floors. Wax polishing will seal and protect the flooring from damage and also improve the look and shine of the flooring.
  • It’s crucial to have durable hardwood flooring in order to protect it from getting chipped. But, it is crucial to wax the floors regularly to get the wanted results. Waxing it every day will allow it to be clean and new like.

Cleaning it frequently will lessen the risks of many allergies. Maintain your hardwood floors in order to add value to your homes.



Untitled collageWood flooring provides an exotic and beautiful look to the entire residence. The abundance of styles, cuts, colours and shapes makes wood floors an excellent choice for any home. There is a huge variety of hardwood flooring available. You can pick from traditional pine, mahogany, oaks and cork.

Wood flooring is eco friendly and in no manner pollutes the environment. These hardwood flooring can be recycled too. They’ll continue to keep your house looking good for many years to come.

Here are a few styles and varieties of hardwood floors which may be used for your home.

Strip flooring: The floor is divided into linear pieces. The floor looks larger due to the layout. This is ideal for smaller houses.

Parquet flooring: This design is most experimented with. Parquet flooring is famous for its geometric contours. Hardwood such as oak is suggested for living rooms.

Plank design : The floor is laid out in a linear pattern, but the bits of wood are marginally shorter. White blossoms and red oak are suitable for this particular style.

Wood flooring is the ideal choice for homes. If you are looking for a fantastic flooring option, you need to try wooden flooring.

How Should I Clean My New Hardwood Floors?

3d36e05e8fcf684407f1f439208d4872As one of the largest investment in your residence, your own hardwood floor contributes greatly to the elegance, ambiance and aesthetics of your home. Among the greatest things you can do for your own hardwood flooring is to clean them on a regular basis to prevent permanent damage, which is expensive to repair. Dirt and grit are the second worst enemy of your lovely flooring.

Follow the advice outlined below for cleaning hardwood flooring and you will enjoy great looking flooring for years to come.

Daily Maintenance for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

For daily care, the following Ought to Be used:

Dust Mop
You should never leave dirt on the floor because foot traffic can pound grit and grime into the timber surface, ultimately causing harm. When vacuuming, do not use the gear with the energy head attachment.

Avoid Too Much Expensive
Too much moisture is the number one worst enemy of hardwood flooring. Avoid

Gap_filling with resin mix

using a conventional mop and bucket for cleaning hardwood flooring. Extra moisture will eventually cause the wood to warp and crack. Should you spill any liquid onto your hardwood floor, wipe it up immediately to prevent harm. Urethane completed surfaces repel water very well.

Micro fiber damp mops are the best. They keep moisture to a minimum and absorb contaminants readily. Plain hot water and micro fiber mops are very powerful.

Choose the Ideal Cleaners
When cleaning your hardwood flooring, use only cleaning agents exclusively made for urethane finished hardwoods. Many cleaning options include oils, harsh abrasives and drying compounds that may harm the earth’s protective finish.

A simple test can be utilized to establish if your cleaner is safe for your floors. First, consider cleaning a window using the cleaner. If it leaves any film or residue, DO NOT utilize it on your flooring. You may finally ruin the ‘maintenance free’ feature of your floor. Using waxes or polishes ongoing and create need to repeat the procedure.

You also need to make certain that the product is safe for the family, pets and environmentally-friendly. The frequency of the cleaning is dependent upon your household. Cleaning hardwood floors as often as possible removes dirt, dust and wear on your own flooring. When you’ve got new hardwood flooring installed, speak with your hardwood flooring supplier or installer to learn what cleaner they recommend.

Adding More Shine and Long Term Maintenance
wood-floor-careIf you would like to add more shine to your hardwood flooring, this can be achieved by adding a different coat of urethane, most frequently done by a specialist. The floor should be prepped by gently abrading, cleaning or employing a bonding agent. Then another coat or 2 of urethane could be implemented together with ‘gloss,’ ‘semi-gloss’ or ‘lace’ sheen. This procedure will keep the ground for several years to come. It’ll cover many imperfections but won’t totally eliminate most scratches. This can only be accomplished with a comprehensive refinish.

Waxing and Polishing
Even though urethane finished floors are the most frequent, you still occasionally see waxed or waxed floor finishes. These endings require more frequent maintenance. Ask your flooring manufacturer for the recommended product and procedure.

Protect Wood Floors with Rugs and Mats
Strategically place mats, long runners and area rugs in high ranking areas, such as the entry foyer, corridors and near exterior doors. These products can catch dirt, mud and other unwanted debris tracked in from the outside.

Use coverings that have slip-resistant, breathable backing-material designed to reduce moisture entrapment. These floor coverings not only help to keep your floors clean and looking great, but protect the protective end of wood floors. Additionally, they minimize the effort necessary for cleaning hardwood floors.

The Most Popular Wide Plank Flooring Trends for 2018

11150242_10152948300829580_3653082796195608977_nDecorate your home for both the current and the future. If you walk into a home, it’s rather easy to tell when it was last updated and redecorated. That’s because design tendencies fall in and out of style, making houses a reflection of their times. If you’re Thinking about an update to wide plank flooring and need a modern look and feel, find out what wide plank flooring trends are sexy for 2016:

Wider and Longer Boards
Broad planks have traditionally quantified between 2-1/4″ and 3-1/2/” broad. However, you can now find choices which are 5″,6″, or even as much as 7″ wide. Wider lengths, such as these, create a sense of a much more open area, and also a popular fashion for living rooms and bedrooms. Boards are also becoming more, with a few provided 6′. That removes, more, seams in the ground, opening up the space further.

Diagonal Installation
Hardwood floors of all sorts, wide planks included, has traditionally been installed either horizontally or vertically. It has quickly become popular to buck convention and install the planks diagonally across a room instead. This gives a room a subtle but lively design quality that matches everything from the furniture to the wall decorations.

Grey Color Options
Grey has always been popular as the colour that complements everything and overshadows nothing. If you love the look and feel of wide plank hardwood floors but Untitled collagedon’t want it to be the focus of the space, fresh gray color options might be your very best option. This type of flooring is sleek and contemporary yet blends seamlessly with any furnishings.

Low Gloss Levels
For several decades, the tendency in hardwood floors was created using a high-gloss finish. And while this remains popular and can be striking in certain spaces, a demand for lower gloss options has emerged. These flooring may initially seem less glistening, however they hide scratches and dirt better and highlight more of the organic details of their wood.

Wire-Brushed Woods
The outer layer of wood is the softest and most exposed. Wire-brushed woods utilize a tool to remove this surface and expose the considerably harder substance beneath. Because of this, these type of flooring are good at standing up to mistreat. In addition they show off the grain and texture of the wood in stark detail.

Making use of reclaimed or recycled woods is not a new trend in 2016, however, it’s more popular than ever. Not all wide plank hardwood flooring is sourced sustainably, and it is an issue for environmentally-conscious homeowners. Utilizing already processed wood is equally a green alternative and a great way to find amazing boards at incredible prices.


We’d recommend doing any of the dirty work like stripping wallpaper and skimming before sanding the floor, other than that it really doesn’t matter. When sanding around the edges of the floor, you will inevitably knock your skirting boards, though, so finishing them off after sanding the floor is probably a good idea.

Traditionally, hardwood flooring came in thick planks of solid timber. Today, solid hardwood is still widely available, but many companies may also offer engineered flooring—planks made with a thinner top layer of hardwood, bonded to other layers and designed to prevent the floor from shifting during expansion or contraction cycles.